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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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Sawmill PicturesPOST
Great setup! I get a headache thinking about all the red tape it would take to do something like that around here! :scratch: Around here, we mostly don't ask for permission. We just do it. It is easier to ask for forgiveness than permission and you get more done. Not around here. They'll make you t...
First for mePOST
Keys to this place are all hung on a nail, "hidden"; case I lock myself out. Said that where my daughter could hear one day. She just snorted and said everybody that was with her in high school knew where those keys were. Oughta move them someday.
Shoulda done that a year agoPOST
Maybe just put in a foldin chair with a little 1109.
Cow 1 Rob 0POST
Stories like these remind me not to regret having never owned a cow. I have enough aches and pains left over from cow wrecks in my younger days. That one old Brahma hussy that plowed me under 3 times before I could roll under a gate always tops the list; I was 10. If you need Rob, I can certainly he...
Shoulda done that a year agoPOST
Welll, hell rusted that all sounds good and fine but the ones in the local junk yards aint no better than the one I have. Looked at dodge ford and chevy seats and about the same deal Ive got. So that aint worth fooling with. Or I would do that a long time ago and bolted the damn thing in and be done...
Bush worldPOST
Diydave wrote:
Any bush is better than the bush :afro: in there, now...

lol. :bigsmurf: :smurfin:
First for mePOST
To bad meth head thieves really don't know about reputation or weather it is worth the trouble or not. Them folks is plain ass stupid. Trust me, I have given enough of them a second chance at life with a job only to be waaayyy disappointed. Oh yeah, I know what ya saying, used to be in the hole pok...
Bush worldPOST
Any bush is better than the bush :afro: in there, now...
this explains it...POST
That articulate spokesperson for oppressed minorities, Al Sharpton, was in the Sears store engaging in his usual banter. He was there to protest the fact that most all of the washing machines were white. So the clerk called the store manager, who asked, "What's the problem here, Reverend?"...
Shoulda done that a year agoPOST
This one has Butchers Detroit lean as he calls it and it just kills my back if I drive it all day long. When I call hay all day Im headed to the bone cracker in a day or 2 to get lined back up. Hell! Just go to the junk yard measure a seat that will fit, Build some mounts, Bolt the damm thing in th...
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Sawmill Pictures
First for me
Shoulda done that a year ago
Cow 1 Rob 0
Bush world
this explains it...
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