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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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New electric linePOST
Digging trenches is not easy work, but me and ladders do not play together very well either, so Me and a spade will continue to be friends. 'Course, we don't need picks up here.
New electric linePOST
Bigun, I have some cheese and crackers ta go with that whine... :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: At 72yrs old, I dug 100 ft, 2 foot deep ditch to run electric and water to my shop.. And I had to use a pick and shovel. I need to dig a few more ditches BUT, this time it will be with a Ditch-Witch I purchased, ...
New electric linePOST
Hey Kent, Isn't that called "self abuse" ? :lol: :lol:
Sounds like you found some muscles that you hadn't used like that for awhile.
New electric linePOST
My SIL brought home a mini excavator last fall, I caught him before he loaded it back up. 225' of wire went in pretty quick :lol:
New electric linePOST
I've got a shed that I need to do the same thing. It's only a bout 50-60' but it's more than I want to do.

BTW Kent, I never thought I would be happy about a 6-5 season Wooo Pig Soooieee :D :D
Wood stove followupPOST
At work we used to run Lime Away through the coffee maker when it got to running slow,
I never noticed any unusal taste, course I never got used to drinking coffee either :shock:
New electric linePOST
I ran a new line to the shed today. Im to durn old and fat to operate a pick and shovel. Old line had been in the air over 30 years and the storms broke it last week. I put in 220 this time and this will be nice to run the old cracker box welder. I wont be able to raise my arms over my head tomorrow.
Musta been like a :afro: nigger- layin down on the job again an not doin nuthin.....
ISIS soon to be non-existentPOST
Harley wrote:
Oh my but that wouldn't be spiritually sensitive to the feelings of another culture.

I DO like "The season opens today" though.

Either that or put a thermonuke on they heads.

General Black Jack Pershing, I believe.
Wood stove followupPOST
I took out the heat exchanger in the duct work and have been soaking it in vinegar. I was completely stopped up with lime. In the meantime I ordered a new heat exchanger. It came in yesterday and I put it in today. I ordered the next bigger size. Apparently that thing has been partially stopped up f...
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New electric line
Wood stove followup
ISIS soon to be non-existent
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