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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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Bird BustersPOST
Somebody got promoted to the number 1 squad on her trap team. This squad now consists of two senior boys,two junior boys, and one freshman girl.

hannah medals.jpg
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What to do with sick help.POST
Does the company offer a few days of paid vacation every year? If not, they should consider it and then you can send them home when they're sick, but count it as a vacation day.
What to do with sick help.POST
Now a days I don't get any sick time to build up :roll: But when I retired from the elevator I had over 600 hours built up, did not. get paid for any of them, still kinda pisses me off
Battery drainPOST
Unplug regulator on alternator. For test. Underhood light, trunk light (some are manual on/off) and glove box. With the test lamp going fading out after 3 seconds or so Could be a diodes. Issue in the Alternator. Example 1 diodes out of 3 In the rectifier bridge is defective. **** Some cars use sup...
Old tyme tractor showsPOST
That's a new one on me. Looks interesting, but I'm headed the other direction next weekend.
Old tyme tractor showsPOST
:?: :!: :lol: :bounce:
Are any of youins' going to the old tyme tractor show in Frankinlton, Louisanar this veek end coming up? :D :) :salut:
Replacing the eyeballs on tractor lift armsPOST
This outfit has the weld on ball ends and they say its a hard ball. ... t=priceAsc
What to do with sick help.POST
I get sick leave at the County, have built up 490 hours in two years, used 10. Come to think of it most places I've been had some type of sick leave. Most of us bank it to use like short term disability. It does keep sick guys at home usually, but not always.
Replacing the eyeballs on tractor lift armsPOST
My son uses the old 860 Ford for mowing. I will admit he is a little rough on things. Anyhow, the one lift arm has already been patched up once with the worthless weld on balls from TSC, and they are just junk. I went through the TSC this morning, intended to buy a couple more of them, but their pri...
Good deals on Amazon.POST
I heard you could get them Chinch Bugs from a terlit seat At least thats always been my excuse.
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Bird Busters
What to do with sick help.
Battery drain
Old tyme tractor shows
Replacing the eyeballs on tractor lift arms
Good deals on Amazon.
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Well Iron O, You fishin off the front porch yet?
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Hey, can you break a 50?

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