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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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Hell froze overPOST
It did run like a top but now it's stuck. How tough can it be to get it running? My Dad's JD B sat the last few years he was alive and finally the engine stuck even though it was inside. I took out the plugs, put in acetone and ATF then raised the front wheels up with a loader so John at least had ...
Hell froze overPOST
Here's the deal. It was my father-in-laws tractor. He's declining steadily with Lewy Body dementia so he had to go to the Vet's home. Contrary to what you think, it's not free, it's damn expensive. So they were advised to liquidate assets because if he lingers on for years everything will eventually...
Farm shows, in generalPOST
The shows I have been to this year were actually pretty good, but attendance appears to be sorely lacking at all of them. This show at Xenia used to really have crowds. When I look around at the number of people watching the saw, it was less than half what it used to be a few years ago, probably eve...
Hey Butcher, I found a critter more worthless than a wasp...POST
I used to get them a lot when I was little, the folks always said I was playing in the grass and got them.
If there is such a thing as a bad day at a tractor show.....POST
You may be basically right. I guess it doesn't matter what it's worth, it is whether they want it right at the moment. I shouldn't admit this, but, years ago I was dumb enough to saw old electric poles and I had a fair pile of leftover pieces and took them to a consignment sale. It sold really, real...
BLM lobbies to...POST
What about watermelons??? :scratch: :scratch:
Hell froze overPOST
There's gotta be a good reason or excuse for this........?

Ahhh, they're fun, different from real tractors, cheap and makes your ears ring all night or maybe longer.

We have run a lot of them on our sawmill, some of them will really surprise you if they are souped up a bit.
If there is such a thing as a bad day at a tractor show.....POST
The auction of lumber was a fiasco. Gotta advertise better. Like, you take a $50 log, and give it a $25 saw charge on it and the stack of good lumber sold for $15. Funniest thing, the really nice hard maple sold poorly, but the worm stained soft maple sold pretty good. Some really Nasty cedar sold g...
Hell froze overPOST
bgoathill wrote:
The first John Deere ag tractor in three generations is now on the premises.


did they break down or get lost?? :shock:
Hell froze overPOST
My condolences,
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Hell froze over
Farm shows, in general
Hey Butcher, I found a critter more worthless than a wasp...
If there is such a thing as a bad day at a tractor show.....
BLM lobbies to...
How to build a Ferguson in 27 minutes....
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