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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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any word on Mr. Lyle Niemi?????POST
JoeB wrote:
The northern -piney from Canada?
Yea, the guy with the window in the door in the door???
Yea, that's him
Thanks, JoeB
Im still kicking... spending most of my time at the mill :afro:
Manure spreaders, againPOST
Until the Horsey people learn to stop using their spreaders as storage containers until they have a load, they will continue to eat up spreaders. There is a reason you store shit in a pile :eye:
I need some advice on grinding discsPOST
When I was Millwrighting we used them by the case. If you can find them, the Sait wheels were the best we could find. They are made in Italy I believe and come in different A numbers like A24 and A36. The A30 wheels are extremely aggressive cut, the A36 were extreme for stainless. Usually could only...
Local protest in townPOST
So one of the nut job Church groups that like to protest Vet funerals etc had a protest in my town today. It was about Gays in the local school which I do agree is wrong and all was quite till they threw the American flag and the ground and started walking all over it. That is when a big group of Bi...
I need some advice on grinding discsPOST
Metabo is what I buy for the shop at work. They aren't cheap but the guys like them and they last a good while.

I get them from Fastenal.
What do You Say to....POST
Opinions on presidential hopefuls?POST
RustyFarmall wrote:
Jeb Bush needs to stay right where he is. Maybe the alligators will eat him or sumpthin'.

I think Jeb is an OK guy personally, but I disagree with him on a lot of issues. He damn sure is no conservative and I don't think he is electable anyway.
I need some advice on grinding discsPOST
I know several of you fellers can help me on this! I use a lot of 4 1/2 discs , and usually I am looking for the most aggressive cutting performance I can find. I have found that real coarse flap wheels do the job. I guess my main question is what brand? Maybe where to get them cheapest? I was using...
Manure spreaders, againPOST
I was expecting this thread to be about Congress. Ooops.
Senator willing to shoot a cop! What next?POST
This is what passes for leadership these days: ... latestnews

:afro: no surprises there :afro:
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any word on Mr. Lyle Niemi?????
Manure spreaders, again
I need some advice on grinding discs
Local protest in town
What do You Say to....
Opinions on presidential hopefuls?
Senator willing to shoot a cop! What next?
one of these days, norton!
My Dad's Interview on TV

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