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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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Math examPOST
Question 1 part 1. Follow closely now and pay attention because you will be graded on this. Person A is driving down Hwy. 218 at 65 mph. Person A is on his way to get 2 things, make that 3 things to accomplish the goals for the day. 1 of which is a 2 gallon jug of oil at TSC and the other 2 are 2 d...
how manyPOST
No signs around here either. It aint that we dont care it is just that we mind our own business when it comes to such things.
I did however see a good bumper sticker on a worn out old truck today when I stopped to get gas. Bumper sticker read- Dont be a Dick. Words to live by round here.
Math examPOST
My taters did 1/2 as good as they did last year. Do I still need to buy 2 gallons of oil from Orsheln's?
how manyPOST
My little burg is wrapped up in the School Board election now. No time for the far away stuff.
Hooking up a flail mower to Formal CubPOST
The mower is a 4 foot wide mower , hooks in the front okay with sway bar and chain, BUT The back mount bar has a single pulley which lines up with pulley on the mower , then right side is a set of 2 more pulleys setting side by side with the tension bar next to them, plus before the tension bar the...
Math examPOST
I am not that good at math. Especially when it comes to adding ,dividing, multiply, or subtracting letters and numbers. :wink: :drunken:
Plasma cutter help???POST
I own the smaller plasma cutter. I suppose it has its limitations, but it will slice quarter inch metal reasonably quickly. The 52 looks like a big improvement, and will probably go through 1/2 inch faster than my little machine will the 1/4. I have tried to learn as much as I can about it, and how ...
how manyPOST
Only A couple of Hillery signs in a heavy Democrat county,but Trump does`t have anybody working Missouri to pass signs out.. The state has voted Republican for President for years, so I guess we are being taken for granted.(it could be worse and the phones ringing off the hook wanting to know who I ...
Plasma cutter help???POST
The Therma Dyane 52 (newer machines are called Victor as the parent company did some brand consolidation a while back) is rated at a 1/2 inch cut. Good machine for the price and its been my best selling plasma cutter going on 7 years. Without my handy dandy book here, it think that rating is derived...
how manyPOST
I've only seen one bumper sticker, it was about caucus time here in Ia.
It was for Hillery, it was on a Toyota Pirus driven by a little grey haired lady.
I surmised that she might have made two mistakes, one campaigning for Hillery, two having a car that runs on a battery part of the time.
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how many
Hooking up a flail mower to Formal Cub
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