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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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Good intentionsPOST
Butcher old buddy, how about sending us some of that rain? We don't need it to be all at once, spread out over a couple days would be just fine.
Good intentionsPOST
Butcher wrote:
I TRIED to cut wood yesterday but....

better use the wood to build a boat.
Good intentionsPOST
I TRIED to cut wood yesterday but....
We have made a decisionPOST
Montana averages are cooler and more rain than Spokane.

To clarify my previous post.
We have made a decisionPOST
Good location for 7-8 months of the year.
Humidity is so low and your right 93 degrees is very tolerable at 10-20% humidity.

I live near Idaho/Washington border in Spokane and the weather is much the same
But probably more Rain average and cooler average temps.
More cops shot this morningPOST
POTUS is vane enough to think the Cops are going to bow to his commands.

He has but all lost the support of the Nations Police.
My new claim to fame?POST
My foot problems were bad in the truck shop until I tossed all my cotton sox away. No more cotton. Wore blended materials that had wool and other fibers. Light in summer and heavier in winter, then Change at noon before I ate lunch. My feet healed up and never ever another foot wrought condition. Co...
Half the man I usta bePOST
Dang if this hot weather makes the butt cheeks squeek!!

I take A & D ointment everywhere I go, just in case.
The Squeeky butt gets the grease.
US appeals court rulingPOST
Then the Virginia Governor decides in spite of ruling by courts, to get 200,000 Felons The right to vote. Yes Vote for Democrat and win the election, whatever it takes!! No Doubt the Dems will do any lo down thing it takes to win because They get away with it. I expect to see fraud on a mass Scale t...
Anybody need a project?POST
Got good insurance? My dad told me that if the combine ever caught on fire and couldn't be put out with a fire extinguisher, call the fire department after the tires caught on fire.
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Good intentions
We have made a decision
More cops shot this morning
My new claim to fame?
Half the man I usta be
US appeals court ruling
Anybody need a project?
You know it's hot when
Is it to late?
Voting advice

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