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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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White American from Ohio?POST
8) :roll: I have never had any dealings with this tractor, but I remember back in the 1980s they made a tractor called, Spirit of Oliver, Spirit of Minneapolis Moline and spirit of Cockshutt and were painted in the colors of the companys represented or a close color of said tractors. Me thinks they ...
Just keeping it alivePOST
I look everyday...for some reason Im having a hard time posting on the other site..
Just keeping it alivePOST
Well there are three other people looking right now :D
Just keeping it alivePOST
Just wanted to post something on here to keep it alive. As long as this is here we still have all the old stuff. I don't know if the forums would shut it down for being dormant.
Rauville, check your PM's (no message)POST
Thanks Leon, see you over there later.
Rauville, check your PM's (no message)POST
White American from Ohio?POST
They never made it this far south...
White American from Ohio?POST
I never heard of them, but that is a good looking tractor.
White American from Ohio?POST
I know, I know, probably the wrong location for this question. But anyway, there's an 80 hp White American tractor coming up for sale on a local auction. Other than knowing it was made in Ohio, and has a 3.9 Cummins, that's all I know. Have any of you had any experience with one of these? Thanks guy...
Let me be the firstPOST
But there has been no word from our founder about this board's future. ????? Is it going to continue?
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White American from Ohio?
Just keeping it alive
Rauville, check your PM's (no message)
Let me be the first
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Hey how bout that..
Treated lumber and aluminum corrosion
Hey Don, JR
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Excitement at work

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