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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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Hey Erst...POST
That ole cow is still wetting on that rock..........

6 inches here as of about 4 this afternoon and supposed to rain till dinner tomorrow before it breaks. Ya'll need some of it back up that way?
Under the title---POST
That's funny Butcher. I was just talkin to that ole boy the other day and asked him about his Possum on the half shell problem and he said he found it was just easier to quit raisin taters.
It's that time of yearPOST
The daily wipe had that #1 thing noted today, IronO. This was another one of those days that I never started an internal combustion engine; no shopping for me. I guess I just stick my head in the sand, but I am weary of the exploitation of the worst in our society for the entertainment of the masse...
Round bale processorPOST
We've used Haybuster processors for 25 years. They are pretty trouble free for the most part. We just let the twine wrap on the rotor, then use one of those hot knives to get it off.
Under the title---POST
Erst, Speaking of armadillos, I finally trapped the stinking critter that has been tearing up my yard at night. Unfortunately, (or not), the poor critter died of lead poisoning before I got him out of the trap. Nasty things, aren't they? Tom in TN Mine seems to have taken leave, for how long I don'...
Raindrops falling on my........all over---POST
They don't call us Grand... for nothing! :pl:
Raindrops falling on my........all over---POST
I heard Grandma trying to explain to TweedleA and TweedleB about the Sears catalog and the thrill of ordering from it; she mentioned Sears Roebuck and got that deer/headlight look. Aren't even going to try Montgomery Ward. My mother told me that when she used catalogs in the outhouse she always avo...
Round bale processorPOST
My uncle had one back in the 80s for his dairy. It was a Heston that used two big rollers in front with sickle sections attached to cut up the hay. It was a pretty low horsepower unit that I think he used his JD 630 to run. As for feed bunks I have read about just running one strand of electric fenc...
Raindrops falling on my........all over---POST
Beautiful calm, clear, 32 degrees here all day. I got a new waterpump in the kids pickup, cut two loads of firewood, crawled up overhead in the wifes salon to fix an overhead can light she's been bitching hasn't worked for two years, turned out it was a bad bulb, :evil: , then demoed the old corncr...
Round bale processorPOST
I was wondering about the HP and mud. I've seen a few videos of the Vermeer and It looks pretty good. I usually feed in the same spot in the dead of winter and getting gravel wouldn't be a problem. I'm thinking about getting bunks to feed in to save hay. I read where one guy used a hot knife about e...
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Hey Erst...
Under the title---
It's that time of year
Round bale processor
Raindrops falling on my........all over---
Glad I do it myself cuz
Beautiful day here
Have anyone seen that new movie
The Swelling will go down
Got to brag a little

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