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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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A little common sence please!POST
:afro: doesn't want to close the borders to anyone - so his pending amnesty of millions of criminals can go ahead full speed. Asshole is ruining this country day by day!
Any Plumbers out therePOST
Maybe check or your local plumbing supply house?
what is the best way to----POST
I'd buy a new chain for the chainsaw...dedicate it to railroad tie cutting...line out all the ties you want to cut....cut them...then throw the chain away. Another option may be to buy a carbide chain...they are pricey..about a hundred bucks...I don'tknow if it would holdup on the ties. We bought on...
Guess again!POST
Patience is in short supply, but new words may be plentiful!
Guess again!POST
Ah Ha, one of those fun jobs :roll: Good Luck, I hope you have a bucket full of patience handy.
This sciatic nerve problemPOST
Damn, Lyle. Ya better find them cubs some boyfriends......
Guess again!POST
The brakes went out on my 06 Silverado a couple weeks ago. I finally got around to looking at it today. I pumped and pumped and couldn't find any leaks and the fluid level was not going down, so, I guessed it was a bad master cylinder. $121 later and it was still about the same until it finally let ...
This sciatic nerve problemPOST
Ya better get it fixed, it ain't gonna get better with age.....Dang kids, gotta tell 'em everything!
what is the best way to----POST
Sawzall with a big, aggressive demolition blade? Crosscut maybe, ripping, not so good.
Hydraulic valve on my splitter locked upPOST
Bulgaria? Usually the made in China is in very fine print, but I sure couldn't find anything on Chief. I assume they are a copy of some other brand. From the pictures, the valve that is labeled as Chief looks similar to the Brand that I have. I have had problems with the detent, but, then again I al...
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A little common sence please!
Any Plumbers out there
what is the best way to----
Guess again!
This sciatic nerve problem
Hydraulic valve on my splitter locked up
Argon/argon mix
Hey Butcher
Brain trust question
And we're borrowing from the chinese...

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