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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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Speaking of cell phones----POST
Speaking of cell phones. We are currently with Chat Mobility. I don't like what it is costing us, but other than that I guess we are satisfied. EXCEPT when I try to get some straight answers, I find that the people at the store are nothing more than pre-programmed robots who cannot give an answer un...
Our thoughts and prayers go out to you Allen. Your friend is now walking point for you. Be safe and come back home,
Want my cell phone number?POST
"""And I suppose you guys still block tractors up w cinderblocks too.................................... :D """

Nah Rob, I've updated :pl: ----
Speaking of state fairPOST
Most of our close counties are very strong into ag. Probly 3 big barns of cattle 2 each for horses, pigs, sheep etc. Very few :afro: there. The one county with lots of :afro: it's a carny event. Nobody goes there because they don't want robbed or beat up.
Sorry to hear that, our thoughts and prayers are with you all.
Want my cell phone number?POST
I have a month-to-month phone, and it's handy, 'cause only 3 people have the number, and don't call me anyway. I never set the inbox up, so no one can leave a message, besides. I'm payin' for it, it's there for MY convenience. $7 a month won't break the bank, and the phone itself cost me all of $4. ...
Made a little sashayPOST
my Dairy Queen is in Branson guys. Tera's the Tea Party Patriot Chairwoman down here so we get to see her during voting season quite regular. I noticed that the DQ in West Plains proudly has the 10 Commandments displayed next to the counter. It's not a little bitty display, it's about 2'x3' :cheers...
Want my cell phone number?POST
And I suppose you guys still block tractors up w cinderblocks too.................................... :D Goofy old codgers.... :wink: I am the exception, high tech phone and text every day. I will say it is handy as heck to send a message to someone you don't really want to talk to. :) Don't know b...
Made a little sashayPOST
There is a pioneer cemetery here that has the grave of a revolutionary soldier. I was told there was only 2 or 3 west of the Mississippi River but either that is wrong or the others are in that cemetery.
Want my cell phone number?POST
I refuse to get a smart phone or one connected to the internets. Going back to being a cogger, does owning a c.b radio and having a Motorola vhf radio network qualify? Maybe someday I should get a radio teletype machine just to annoy the teenagers who think you have to have all this new technology t...
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Speaking of cell phones----
He Gone
Want my cell phone number?
Speaking of state fair
Made a little sashay
McCormick Deering WA40
Potpourii ---
Happens every time....
Hee Hee Hee!!!
TheyFound the little girl from VA.

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