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A general off-topic forum for friendly folk that don't mind discussing unfriendly subjects.
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Any of you other guys wear bib overalls?POST
Just get a bigger mirror.
Welcome Home, Sergeant GriffinPOST
:salut: :salut: :salut:
Welcome Home, Sergeant GriffinPOST
Would any other country send the time and money to bring him home? Contrary to what the President says, this country is special,and was founded on the Bible teachings.
7.3 IDI DilemmaPOST
First place to look at is the return lines on top of the injectors. I have had 3 either 6.9s or 7.3s, and they have all needed the return lines replaced. Next is the lift pump, and lastly the tank switch will go.
Any of you other guys wear bib overalls?POST
When I stand in front of a full length mirror my mirror is invisible too.
Hot trips across barren countryPOST
Cabs on tractors? Whatcchu talkin bout?
Runnin in tandemPOST
That right there would tend to give your "pucker power" a real work out.
Runnin in tandemPOST
You can also rotate the circle out from underneath the beam, they will do some amazing things.

Runnin in tandemPOST
I watched one winter when he was clearing out some huge snow drifts. Had the big VEE blade out in front, and by using that offset feature, he could actually hang the edge of the vee blade out over the ditch, all while keeping the rear half of the machine on solid, level ground.
Runnin in tandemPOST
Our road grader guy runs one of those scarifiers (think that's what it's called) way out on the front of the rig. It is not the full length of the blade, and it is not going 4" deep, but it does loosen the packed down stuff. He uses that thing everytime he grades the road. Modern road graders ...
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Any of you other guys wear bib overalls?
Welcome Home, Sergeant Griffin
7.3 IDI Dilemma
Hot trips across barren country
Runnin in tandem
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